Entrepreneur Grows Little Beautiful Minds

July 16, 2016
Back in 2002, Toniko Manning Brown, who is the founder and executive director of Little Beautiful Minds Primary Academy in Metairie, Louisiana, wanted to fill a need in her community. A mother herself, she noticed that there was a significant lack of resources when it came to affordable childcare in the New Orleans region at the time and, like most entrepreneurs, she believed that she was well-qualified to fill that gap herself.

These days, Little Beautiful Minds is one of the premier childcare facilities in Louisiana, as well as one of the fastest-growing. Toniko Manning Brown has been able to grow her successful business via word-of-mouth, rather than trough huge discounts or huge commercial and marketing tactics, by providing a better educational environ, as well as a better value.

The popularity of Little Beautiful Minds has become popular because of its high value and superior care, to the point that it has had to relocate twice to bigger and better buildings. These days, the school occupies a large building with plenty of room for growt for some time, as well as the ability to grow even more for many years to come.